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I Want My Head Back!

Eu quero a minha cabeça!

António Jorge Gonçalves

Pato Lógico | 2015 | 48 pages | 22 x 28 cm | hardcover

Céu is a little girl who loves swinging. One day, when her father calls her home, she says no so hard that her head jumps off and flies away. With the help of a seagull, Céu climbs a mountain in search of her lost head.

António Jorge Gonçalves presents a new adventure in a fantastic environment, that reclaims the tone of classic fairy tales.

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  • Mention Portuguese Illustration Prize 2016
  • Inspired by the stories he tells his daughter and the representation of the feminine in Miyazaki's animations, António Jorge Gonçalves created three books on three heroines.