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Drawing in the Dark

Desenhar do Escuro

António Jorge Gonçalves

author's deluxe edition | september 2021 | 168 pages | 12,5 x 20,7 cm | hardcover

DRAWING IN THE DARK is a book that reproduces 82 of the 300 drawings that António Jorge Gonçalves made in white pencil on black notebooks between 2020 and 2021. Applying an inversion process – used in woodcuts, for example – in which what is in white is drawn instead of what is in black, the artist recorded urban landscapes, domestic cloisters, wanderings through nature, an attentive selection of fragments in everyday life. Exploring this graphic language, the reader ends up realizing that those black pages are like dark rooms illuminated by a white pencil.

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  • Special Mention Portuguese Illustration Award 2021
  • «The illustration emerges as light from the black background of the paper, here confirming a language that had already been announced in previous editions of the author. The refinement of this work, which is developed in the form of a graphic diary through a visual narrative, takes the reader on a night walk where the loneliness of the pandemic becomes an accomplice.»

    Jury of the Portuguese Illustration Award 2021