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Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise

António Jorge Gonçalves

Orfeu Negro | april 2023 | 144 pages | 15,3 x 21,6 cm | paperback

A graphic diary bursting with humour, custard tarts, scooters and tourists! 

It could be any other capital city, but it’s Lisbon. In the last few years, what was once the peaceful white city is barely recognizable beneath such an abundance of visitors: from the mile-long lines for Tram 28 to gatherings by the Tejo, from the packed Santa Justa Lift to the viewpoints filled to the brim with tuk-tuks, there goes kooky Lisbon, selfie arm at the ready, sporting a smirk. With irony and an anthropological edge, visual performer and cartoonist António Jorge Gonçalves observes expressions and pathways and surprises us with this new layout of an iconic city.

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  • Tourists, vacationers, digital nomads, travelers, weekenders, 36-hour-city hoppers – you’re all welcome to Lisbon. Drawn by renowned Portuguese illustrator António Jorge Gonçalves, this graphic diary presents a humorous portrait of a heavenly city.