Let's Vote!

E se fôssemos a votos?

Luísa Ducla Soares & Rachel Caiano

Assembleia da República | DECEMBER 2023 | 48 PAGES | 20,5 x 24,5 CM | Hardcover

Throughout the pages of this book, we follow a school class that seeks to know more about what an election is and what it means. From presidential to local elections, including legislative and European elections, a grandfather explains who is elected, where and what for, remembering the value of a free and democratic electoral act. After learning the importance of this democratic instrument and how fundamental it is for the good functioning of a society, they then replicate everything they have learned together at their own school.

MISSION: DEMOCRACY is a series of 12 books published by the publishing house of the Portuguese Parliament to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution. The collection is graphically coordinated by Planeta Tangerina and it features some of the most renowned authors and illustrators of Portuguese children's and young adult literature.

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  • A series of books conceived to celebrate democracy, freedom and teach our children the values of citizenship! This volume is about Elections.