Would You Mind Coming Along Here?

Deputados do futuro, olá?

Isabel Minhós Martins & Carolina Celas

Assembleia da República | MARCH 2024 | 48 PAGES | 20,5 x 24,5 CM | Hardcover

All the deputies we see in Parliament today have once played in a school playground. What would they be like? Playful? Serious? Dreamers? What if we think that, today, in our school playgrounds, those who will one day become our representatives are playing there right now? This book talks about some important things that all future MPs should know. What would we like to remind them? What would we like them to learn? Who has good ideas?

MISSION: DEMOCRACY is a series of 12 books published by the publishing house of the Portuguese Parliament to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution. The collection is graphically coordinated by Planeta Tangerina and it features some of the most renowned authors and illustrators of Portuguese children's and young adult literature.

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  • A series of books conceived to celebrate democracy, freedom and teach our children the values of citizenship! This volume is about Deputies.