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The fish that fled the story

Os peixes que fugiram da história

Maria João Freitas & Mariana Rio

Pato Lógico | october 2021 | 64 pages | 19,5 x 28 cm | hardcover

It seems that various fish have not been seen in the sea for far too long. João, Rita and André want to know why. They turn to their families to help them get to the bottom of the mystery. The Captain, João’s paternal grandfather, a true sea dog; Rita’s uncle, a fisherman; André’s father, chef in the Neptune restaurant… They’re all suffering from the lack of fish in the sea. But who is to blame?

A book to raise awareness about the problem of over-fishing and to highlight responsible fish consumption.

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  • Shortlisted Nami Concours 2023
  • A book dedicated to the youngest citizens which should be compulsory reading for the oldest.

  • Read well. Eat better.