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Claudio Romo

Author & Illustrator

Claudio Romo (Chile) is an illustrator, engraver and teacher. He has exhibited his work in Chile, Mexico, Germany, Italy and the USA. He has been granted, for two consecutive years, the prestigious Amster-Coré award in Chile for his work in illustration. With a vast curriculum, he has published illustrated books, such as CRÓNICA DE LOS HECHOS PORTENTOSOS [Chronicle of the wondrous deeds); EL ÁLBUM DE LA FLORA IMPRUDENTE [The album of the reckless flora]; BESTIARIO DE SERES REALES Y FANTÁSTICOS [Bestiary of real and fantastic beings] with texts by Juan Nicolás Padrón; FRAGMENTOS DE UNA BIBLIOTECA TRANSPARENTE [Fragments of a transparent library II] with texts by Alexis Figueroa. Over the last few years he has published books where he has developed his side as an integral author of his books, creating texts and illustrations together with the prestigious Italian publisher Logos Edizioni.